DestinationHilo Gets Positive Comments from Cruise Ship Couple

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Note:  In 2011, Destination Hilo continues to operate the Aloha Room and to provide music and dance to welcome our cruise line passengers arriving at the Hilo Pier.  With support from our members and the County of Hawaii, we will continue serving our visitors with Aloha.  With the pending renovation work at the Pier, our entertainment has been temporarily suspended there, but we will resume as soon as possible.   The “Hilo Port of Call” published by the Hawaii Tribune-Herald is distributed in Hilo and provides interesting and useful information about the area to our visitors.

From Hawaii Tribune-Herald – Your Views (Letter to the Editor) 11/11/06:

Port of Paradise

My husband and I recently visited Hilo on the “Island Princess,” where we received a copy of your “Hilo Port of Call” paper.  Having visited several other ports in the Hawaiian Islands, we were very impressed with the reception given us in the port, and wanted to convey this to you and the people concerned.

First of all, we had the pleasure of watching the performance of the Kupuna dancers and musicians.  We were then given a copy of your paper, and after that we visited the stalls of merchandise set up on the pier.  The articles offered were so good that I didn’t shop anywhere else, and also had the pleasure of buying one of the flower arrangements to take aboard the ship.  This was a lovely idea, and the flowers stayed fresh for the remainder of the cruise.

For independent travelers like ourselves, the Aloha Room is a wonderful idea, and we were so impressed by the helpfulness of the staff.

I shall certainly pass this information on to any friends traveling to Hilo, and I hope one day we can repeat the experience.

Bill and Jillian Taylor, Los Angeles

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