Hilo Vicinity Lodging & Hotels

Each visitor to East Hawaii brings unique expectations and needs. Never is this truer than in the desire for accommodation. To meet a varied market, Hilo offers a multitude of options. Those wishing to save money for daytime delights may choose to camp or lay their heads down in an inexpensive hostel. For frugal comfort and privacy, inexpensive motels and B&Bs offer a welcome choice. If comfort is paramount, vacation homes, hotels and inns are available and ready to envelope you in the lap of luxury. Whatever your desire, you’ll find a welcome smile, a gracious host and the knowledge that you’ll wake up to a wonderful morning of discovery.

Arnott's Hiking AdventuresArnott’s Lodge

At Arnott’s Lodge, we have taken the best ideas we have seen on our travels and put them here.

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Kilauea Lodge RestaurantKilauea Lodge

Kilauea Lodge is located in the quiet village of Volcano a mile from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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